Sharing data for better impact, transparency in contracts

Open data in N Ireland, sharing data for social progress, transparency principles for government service suppliers.

Northern Ireland’s sector body NICVA has an article on ‘A new open data culture in Northern Ireland‘, on what is happening in the UK, NI and in the voluntary sector

A new report for the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission concludes that more intelligent use of government data could accelerate progress towards improving social mobility and reducing child poverty. See ‘Data and public policy: trying to make social progress blindfolded‘ on (Source: NPC tweet)

A set of transparency principles has been published by the Cabinet Office, which could mean that voluntary organisations which contract with government revealing more information about their activities. Civil Society News says that these are similar to those proposed by a taskforce of the Institute for Government, in ‘Enhancing transparency in public service contracts‘, also just published. NCVO has an article on what this means for the sector, ‘Transparency in government contracting‘.