Sector findings on health and care, offenders work

Findings from the recent Health and Care Voluntary Sector Survey show that local health bodies need to do more to engage with charities.

The 720 charities that took part in the survey, ranging from very small to large, together work with over 11 million people. It was carried out by NAVCA and the Health and Care Voluntary Sector Strategic Partnership. More details on NAVCA website, including link to the report (note that some web browsers may have difficulty recognising it as a pdf – if so save it and add .pdf onto the file name).

Clinks, the umbrella body for organisations that work with offenders and their families, has issued ‘The State of the Sector 2015‘. Based on the results of its latest survey, the sector continues to be diverse, with responses from small volunteer and community based organisations through to those with 2,000 members of staff.

Other findings show that the needs of service users are increasing and becoming more complex, volunteering remains vital for the sector, and volunteer recruitment is increasing. Many organisations are relying on their reserves putting them at risk of closure and the majority of organisations only sometimes or never receive full cost recovery on the contracts they deliver.