Research and policy reports update

A couple of recent research publications of interest, and some ideas to stop ideas from think-tank policy reports being ignored.

Research for Transport Scotland on the economic, social and health benefits of community transport shows how critical it is to people, especially vulnerable groups. Short news item on Third Force News or go direct to ‘Research into the Social and Economic Benefits of Community Transport in Scotland‘ (download is pdf, 1.4MB).

A new report from VSO and Institute of Development Studies is based on findings from the global action research project ‘Valuing Volunteering’, exploring how and why volunteering contributes to poverty reduction and sustainable positive change, and the factors which prevent it from doing so. The research took place over a two-year period in four countries: Kenya, Mozambique, Nepal and The Philippines. More on ‘The role of volunteering in sustainable development’ (pdf, 1.9MB).

‘The best idea nobody’s ever heard of’ is an article from the founder of Think Tank Review, which reviews the work of the UK’s think tanks and champions “the best ideas for the future of politics, economics and society”. As well as reviewing the evidence and ideas proposed, they attempt to find the best bits in the mountain of material and present them in an accessible form. Read the article on OpenDemocracy.