Further update for Election 2015 round-up

Material recently added to our Election 2015 round-up page.

A new guidance section includes two items so far:

Understanding ‘Purdah’ – see this NCVO article on the impact of the pre-election period. Quick quote: Purdah basically means councils – and other government bodies – aren’t allowed to say anything politically controversial or publish anything which appears to support a political party or individuals.

A ‘Guide to covering the General Election for community journalists‘ has been launched to provide hyperlocal journalists with skills, tips and advice on how to report in their communities. The guide itself is a Dropbox download (pdf, 9.1Mb) – you don’t need a Dropbox account though.


Charity chief executives body ACEVO has created a Lobbying Acts blog “that speaks out unashamedly in favour of a robust, unfettered voice for grassroots campaigners, charities and the wider third sector”. A bit of an odd mix of content at the moment, and your editor isn’t clear on the target audience, or mad about the design choice. Comments?