Proportionality needed on aid and counter-terrorism

British humanitarian organisations seeking to provide aid in high-risk conflict zones have had to cope with the “overly risk-averse action” of banks, mainly caused by lack of guidance from the government around counter-terrorism law.

This is the subject of a new report from the Humanitarian Policy Group of the Overseas Development Institute. It looks at the issue from the perspective of aid agencies, banks, the UK government and the Charity Commission, and reveals how each has, in some way, contributed to the problem, and how they must work together to address it.

The Guardian covers it in ‘Banks block charity donations over terrorism funding fears‘, and Civil Society News has ‘ “Genuine risk” of terrorism in charities but problem overstated, says report‘.

The report ‘UK humanitarian aid in the age of counterterrorism: perceptions and reality’ can be downloaded (pdf, 1.1.MB) via the ODI publication page.