New questions on charity annual return

With the release of the new 2015 Annual Return form by the Charity Commission, registered charities (in England and Wales) must answer three new questions when they complete the return online:

  • In the reporting period, how much income did you receive from:
    • contracts from central or local government to deliver services?
    • grants from central or local government?
  • Does your charity have a policy on paying its staff?
  • Has your charity reviewed its financial controls during the reporting period?

All registered charities with an income of more than £10,000 and all Charitable Incorporated Organisations who are reporting on their financial years ending in 2015 must complete the online form. Commission news release at

Note that the ‘Guidance to help complete the annual return for 2015’ is a pdf document (250KB) some way down the web page Access the annual return form via