Neighbourhood services campaign and other election updates

A further round-up of activity and material around the general election in May.

Locality, the body for community-led organisations, has launched its campaign for public services to be commissioned and delivered at a neighbourhood level, instead of being supplied by large national companies. They say that research proves that local organisations offer substantially better outcomes and value, because they know their communities and have a flexible approach, which is vastly more effective than standardised, one-size-fits-all services.

More on ‘Keep it Local’ at There is also a facility to ask parliamentary candidates by email to pledge their support to the Keep it Local campaign.

A Social Leaders Debate was held on 24th March, involving senior ministers and shadows with responsibility for the voluntary sector from five major political parties. Organised by ACEVO and Charities Aid Foundation, there is a video recording on YouTube at – jump to just under 13 minutes in for the start. And here’s the coverage from Civil Society News.

Manifestos from the sector recently added to our Elections 2015 page:

For reference: Our previous public policy update item (11th March).