Final report from Voluntary Sector and Ageing study

The Commission on the Voluntary Sector and Ageing has produced its final report, ‘Decision time: Will the voluntary sector embrace the age of opportunity?’. It highlights that the sector is currently not ready for an ageing society and needs to adapt to grasp the opportunities. The report includes recommendations for action alongside challenges to come up with new thinking.

Chair of the commission Lynne Berry writes in The Guardian about the report in ‘Charities must adapt to ageing population – or miss out‘. NCVO has an article from its director of volunteering and development which leads with “simmering beneath the surface (of the report) is a barely disguised rage at what is seen as the voluntary sector’s complacency and singular failure to rise to one of the biggest challenges our time – ‘Ageing and the voluntary sector – a wake up call‘.

The report and other material can be found via the Commission’s website, including link to the report (pdf download, 833KB). If you find text on coloured backgrounds difficult, or have other accessibility requirements, try the FAQs instead of the report.