Varying fortunes in sector pay

Charity chief executives body ACEVO has published the results of this year’s CEO pay survey, covering the period to March 2014.

Headline findings include:

  • Average CEO pay in the sample fell from £60,000 to £55,000, a real-term decrease of 5.9%.
  • Median CEO pay was highest in London (at £68,000) and lowest in Wales (£37,849).
  • The gender pay gap fell slightly, with median female pay 16.3% lower than median male pay as against 18.6% last year.

See ACEVO’s news release for more Civil Society News has a little more background.

And the latest Labour Market Outlook from personnel professionals’ body CIPD expects that median pay awards in the voluntary sector for the 12 months to September 2015 will be 1.5 per cent. This compares with 1 per cent in the public sector and 2 per cent in the commercial world.

Note: The CIPD People Management news item leads on the split inside sectors with some organisations freezing pay and others raising it, leading to a two tier workforce. However it does not mention the voluntary sector specifically here.

UPDATE: link to download page for the full Labour Market Outlook report.