Taking another tack on voluntary action studies

A new journal is aiming to take the study of voluntary action in a new direction. A group of academics and practitioners have decided to do something about their growing dissatisfaction and launch ‘Critical Studies in Voluntary Action’. 

They have three main issues with the perceived current approach:

  • An excessive focus on the bureaucratically organised and professionally managed agencies which concentrate on delivering various kinds of social welfare services.
  • The lack of serious interest in the large numbers of ‘unmanaged’ volunteers outside the professionally run service delivery organisations, and the variety of roles they play.
  • A limited set of assumptions about the social and political environment in which voluntary action operates.

The journal will be published online twice a year and the first issue is planned for autumn 2015.

See Colin Rochester’s blog post for more, at http://www.vahs.org.uk/2015/02/critical-thinking-about-voluntary-action-and-its-history/.