‘Common good’ principles to tackle social challenges

A new “call to action for the common good” website follows on from a report issued in May 2014, and invites evidence, examples and ideas which demonstrate how ‘common good’ practice can help tackle the biggest social challenges facing today’s society.

They identify four ‘common good’ principles:

  • Collaboration
  • Institutions with a social purpose
  • An inclusive society
  • Shared decision-making

The aim is to build an inspiring and convincing national ‘story of hope’ challenging some current assumptions about times of austerity. CSV, Civil Exchange, Locality, NAVCA and Common Vision are working together on this, supported by the Carnegie UK Trust.

The website uses the tumblr platform, which has a very visual approach, at http://www.calltoactionforthecommongood.org.uk.

Previous news item on the initial report http://voluntarynews.org.uk/news/2014/06/a-more-enabling-state-for-the-common-good/.