Volunteering in and for employment and health

There are several new articles on volunteering issues on the NCVO website.

While there has been a significant increase in employer sponsored (or supported) volunteering, understanding of the impact of ESV is still relatively patchy. Researchers from the University of Hull give an introduction to their research on the subject over the past five years in ‘Bridging the gaps in employer sponsored volunteering’ http://blogs.ncvo.org.uk/2015/01/15/bridging-the-gaps-in-employer-sponsored-volunteering/, with a link through to the relevant university web page.

From the opposite angle, of volunteering as a route into paid employment, ‘How does volunteering link to paid work?’ looks at some research, and also the risk of excluding and discouraging volunteering from those who are not able to undertake paid work, http://blogs.ncvo.org.uk/2015/01/15/how-does-volunteering-link-to-paid-work/

And ‘Giving health service volunteers the recognition they deserve’ covers topics such as the need to not underestimate the support and investment required in involving them effectively and the role of volunteers in voluntary organisations providing essential services alongside the NHS. At http://blogs.ncvo.org.uk/2015/01/14/giving-health-service-volunteers-the-recognition-they-deserve/.