Volunteering advice from 2014

A couple of volunteering articles which featured in sector year-end lists, plus a couple of new ones:

The clearly titled ‘The Break-Up: How to Say No to Volunteers’ on Nonprofit Hub, http://www.nonprofithub.org/volunteer-management/break-say-volunteers/.

Stopping prospective volunteers from “fading away” after initial contact is discussed in ‘The tool that every volunteer coordinator needs’ on Charity Village, https://charityvillage.com/Content.aspx?topic=The_tool_that_every_volunteer_coordinator_needs.

And a piece by the economics editor of The Guardian ‘Putting a value on volunteering in the age of austerity’ – Individuals should be encouraged to volunteer because of the personal benefits, while businesses stand to benefit from a more skilled, productive and better-motivated workforce. http://www.theguardian.com/business/economics-blog/2014/dec/21/volunteering-economic-value-wellbeing-austerity

Late addition to this list: The Children’s Society has published the findings from an evaluation of volunteering in two of their My Place youth clubs in Birmingham and Coventry which work with young migrants. An NCVO article from the Institute for Volunteering Research gives an overview in ‘What do volunteers do?’ http://blogs.ncvo.org.uk/2014/12/24/what-do-volunteers-do/. Or direct link to download page for ‘Volunteering in Children’s Society Youth Clubs: Experiences from the West Midlands’ (pdf, 325KB).