Space to increase youth sector impact

The website has launched for the Centre for Youth Impact,, a “centre for evidence, capacity building and practice development” set up to help organisations that work with and for young people to measure and increase the impact of their services.

The Centre is run by the National Council for Voluntary Youth Services, Project Oracle, and the Social Research Unit at Dartington. Initial aims include, as well as “creating a sector-led online space for discussion and signposting to existing resources”, providing open access training sessions and researching how young people themselves can play an active part in measuring the impact of their organisation.

We first mentioned the Centre back in September 2014,, when the government announced start-up funding.

The government has also produced a guide which “gives an overview of the most widely applicable outcomes frameworks for providers and commissioners of services for young people”, at Drafted before the Centre for Youth Impact was launched, it will also feature in website’s resources section.