Redesigning and resourcing local sector support

The Commission on the Future of Local Infrastructure, set up by sector body NAVCA, has published its final report. This makes 19 recommendations for local sector support (infrastructure) bodies as well as funders, local government and local commissioning bodies and the business community. The overarching recommendation is that “local infrastructure needs to be redesigned and creatively resourced to meet the challenges of tomorrow”.

NCVO, the wider umbrella body for England, has said that it sees the report “as the start of a painful conversation about what needs to change and how we can all make it happen”, with infrastructure organisations having a boring name but doing important work. See NCVO’s Head of Policy and Public Services piece at

Overview from Civil Society News or see NAVCA news item at The summary (pdf, 709KB) or full report (pdf, 1.4MB) can be downloaded via

UPDATES: The Guardian has added an article ‘The future of local infrastructure – key findings and recommendations‘, which includes the report’s observation that “the sector, particularly at a local level, is so busy coping with the problems of today that it often fails to plan for the future”. It also lists the recommendations. A further article ‘Community groups must embrace change if they are to prosper‘ examines some controversy around suggestions that “The future for infrastructure bodies lay in collaboration and partnership within and beyond the sector” and in particular wariness of relying on partnerships with the private sector.