Funds to support volunteering in Wales and Scotland

Additional funding to help organisations with an annual income of under £250,000 create new or enhanced volunteering projects has been announced by Voluntary Action Fund. The Volunteering Support Grant is funded by the Scottish Government, with amounts available of up to £10,000. See Third Force News or go direct to Voluntary Action Fund website. Deadline 27th February.

In Wales, GwirVol has launched its 2015-2016 youth volunteering grants programme. This aims to support the delivery of a wide range of new volunteering opportunities in Wales and overseas, to create a step change in access to volunteering for young people aged 14-25 and especially for disadvantaged young people. Applications by 13th March. See WCVA news item or go direct to

Also now open, the Volunteering in Wales Fund provides grants of up to £25,000 which can assist in the costs of a volunteer coordinator, volunteer training and travelling expenses, and some capital items. Funded by the Welsh Government and administered by Wales Council for Voluntary Action – see their news item or Volunteering in Wales Fund page. Apply by 13th March.