Eclectic mix of events for Common Weal group

Local Common Weal group announces new events line up

Popular community group Common Weal Edinburgh North & Leith will announce a new line up of events for February to April at a meeting and social event in Area C cafe on Leith Walk tonight, Friday 30th January.

The group, a spinoff of the left-wing movement Common Weal, launched in November, holding a range of events and discussions at The Common, hosted by Leith Walk’s Area C cafe. The new line-up of events continues the eclectic mix of political talks and debates; live music and performance; book groups and talks from local community groups.

The new line-up includes All Party General Election Hustings, a discussion with activist and writer Tariq Ali and a monthly “Common Gathering” which will be an opportunity for local people and community campaigners to come together and share ideas for changing Scotland.

With the help of the team at Independence Live, many of the upcoming events will be livestreamed.

The full list of events is available below and on our facebook + website from Friday 30th.

Twitter: @CW_ENL

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Notes to editors

1)    The Common is a not-for-profit venture kick started by a small group of community activists who formed Common Weal Edinburgh North and Leith (ENL).

2)    For more detail on Common Weal see

3)    For more information on any of the above, please contact Sarah Beattie-Smith on 07863 54 66 74 or at


  • 3rd Feb Book Club
  • 4th Feb YENL (Yes Edinburgh North and Leith)
  • 5th Feb Leith Late
  • 10th Feb Alternative Currencies with New Economics Foundation
  • 11th Feb Child Poverty Action Group Scotland
  • 12th Feb Global Justice Now: TTIP
  • 17th Feb EU: Workings of the Parliament with Per Johansson
  • 18th Feb Open Common: Poetry, Performance & Open Mic
  • 19th Feb Women 50:50 with Talat Yaqoob & Sarah Beattie-Smith
  • 25th Feb Common Crafts & Book Club
  • 27th Feb Common Gathering
  • 3rd Mar Health & Social Care with Audrey Birt
  • 4th Mar YENL
  • 5th Mar An Evening with Robin McAlpine, Jonathon Shafi & Tariq Ali *
  • 10th Mar Community Organising: An American Trade Union Approach
  • 11th Mar Open Common: Poetry, Performance & Open Mic
  • 12th Mar Crops In Pots
  • 17th Mar Scottish Land Action Movement & Lateral North
  • 18th Mar Common Crafts & Book Club
  • 25th Mar Food in a Common Weal Scotland with Pete Ritchie & Mike Small
  • 26th Mar All Party General Election Hustings
  • 27th Mar Common Gathering
  • 1st Apr YENL
  • 2nd Apr Pat Kane on Culture, Sustainability and Political Change in Scotland
  • 8th Apr Hamjambo: Music & Verse in Edinburgh’s Other Languages
  • 9th Apr WFI with Carolyn Leckie & Marsha Scott
  • 15th Apr Mightier: A Political Poetry Night
  • 21st Apr All Party General Election Hustings
  • 24th Apr Common Gathering