Dial2Donate launches Charity Hub resource centre

Hub to act as a resource for those in the third sector, launch includes exclusive interviews with Foodcycle and Fabrily, Google trend report, podcast with fundraising.co.uk founder Howard Lake and much more.

As well as continuing the ongoing work of highlighting the appeals of charities across the UK, Dial2Donate is proud to announce the launch of Charity Hub. Acting as a central resource for experts in the third sector to share their expertise and garner new knowledge, the hub promises to tap into some of the best minds in fundraising in order to provide unique Charity Hubperspectives on the challenges facing not for profits in an ever shifting media landscape.

Following the launch of the main Dial2Donate site in 2014 in order to promote the causes of local appeals across the UK, charities have consistently reached out for information around how they can best get their causes heard. The Charity Hub promises to grow to become a central resource which those working in not for profits can dip in and find what they need in order to tailor their output and get the results they require from the tools at their disposal.

The Charity Hub is divided into 5 different sections:

• Podcasts
Unique discussions with influential voices in the sector, allowing for listeners to gain direct access to people who are making a real change in the way not for profits operate

• Trends
Tailored reports on the changes happening online that are affecting charities, as well as giving actionable solutions as to how to combat these shifts

• Expert Advice
Question and answers with people making an impact in the sector, as well as views from those who either run charities or run organisations aiming to help out not for profits.

• Guides & Tips
Simple, actionable tips that can really help tweak your strategies and in-depth guides on products or offers you might have been unaware of.

• Partners
A showcase of those who work alongside Dial2Donate in order to provide offers to charities, with the noted free 0300 number offer being a prime example of what to expect.

Speaking of the launch, Darren Hughes of Dial2Donate said, “Those who work for charities often have a rich, diverse array of skills, but people’s time is often spread too thin or they’re asked to do things with which they’re unfamiliar. Through the Charity Hub, we aim to be able to give those working in the sector the information they need to be able to tackle social media, advertising, website content and all the other tricky jobs that they often face but have thus far been left alone to deal with.”

To launch the Charity Hub, there is already a selection of hugely helpful articles and interviews. Howard Lake of UK Fundraising gives practical advice on digital fundraising in 2015 in a podcast, while Steven Hawkes of Foodcycle answers questions about the charities rapid rise (and the challenges that growth has created) in a candid Q&A. There are also tips on how to best maintain your organisation’s web presence, a Google trend report on the rise of people looking to donate money online and a range of other articles that deal with the different issues faced by those in the not for profit sector.

You can visit the Charity Hub here, or access it through the Dial2Donate homepage.


Article submitted by Dial2Donate.