Charity transparency in the news

The transparency of funding sources for the largest UK charities has come under fire from a new report by the Centre for Policy Studies think tank, generating quite a lot of press coverage.

Civil Society News looks at the main issues and has some sector response at

NCVO’s Director of Public Policy gives a digest too, argues that sector transparency is already improving, and it is often the smaller charities which most need to improve their reporting. NCVO however doesn’t think that charity accounts are the best way to achieve a greater level of transparency around public spending. ‘Charities, transparency and government funding’ is at

Update 1: a link to ‘Government funding for charities: what kind of transparency do we need?‘ by the Head of Policy and Research at the Institute of Fundraising. Some similar points to NCVO’s piece above.

Update 2: The Guardian hears from ACEVO’s director of public policy in ‘Transparency is great, but not at the cost of a charity’s services‘.