Season of Goodwill opportunity for increase in online donations

Independent research commissioned by Peer 1 Hosting has found that while on average one third of British and North American consumers are planning to donate more over the 2014 holiday season, less than a quarter of those surveyed intend to make a donation online, demonstrating an opportunity for charities to increase donations during one of the peak donation periods of the year.

The study, which canvassed the opinions of 700 UK and 700 North American consumers, was commissioned by Peer 1 Hosting to highlight the importance of responsive websites to the not-for-profit sector, as they prepare for an expected increase in donations (and therefore web traffic) during the holiday season. The ability to donate online is paramount, with fast websites having the potential to provide aid to millions of people around the world.

According to the survey, consumers are planning to make donations worth an average £54 to charities, however only 20% of North American and UK respondents state that they plan to donate online, and less than 5% will do so via a mobile device. When asked the reason for this a quarter of respondents stated complicated processes followed by slow websites, which prevented them from being able to donate online.

The research shows that charities can potentially take advantage of increased donation sums with less complicated and secure online processes. The way nonprofit organisations connect with their donors is changing. The one donor – one-transaction days are behind us and now more than ever, building a strong donor relationship is a must for successful nonprofit organisations. All of which can be addressed with the right web-hosting infrastructure coupled with “real-time” payment driven applications.

Sheila Bouman, Executive Vice President & Managing Director, Peer 1 Hosting, commented that a seamless online experience is key. “In today’s modern world, people are increasingly carrying out their lives online; whether it’s connecting with family and friends via social media, managing their finances with internet banking, or buying and selling goods.

“People now expect to be able to carry out tasks seamlessly online, and this is no different in the charity sector. However, it is clear that even though the motivation is there, people are struggling to donate to their chosen charities, which means these organisations are missing out on vital donations, which ultimately impacts those in need over the holiday season.”

Key findings:
· Over a third plan to donate more during the holidays
· On average consumers plan to donate 3 times to charities
· People will be donating on average £54
· Less than 25% will be donating online
· People cited complicated processes, slow websites, and incompatible websites as the main reasons for not donating