Improve your business skills and be happier, as a charity trustee

Want to improve your business skills and become happier in 2015? – Become a charity trustee

If you are want to accelerate your professional development and become happier in 2015, then consider becoming a charity trustee.

A survey by the charity Pilotlight[i] in December revealed that 90 per cent of business leaders said that volunteering their time and skills to charity made them happier and improved their business skills.

8 out of 10 senior executives said they got involved with charities to ‘give something back’ and nearly two-thirds (62%) found it increased their own job satisfaction.

Ian Joseph, Chief Executive at Trustees Unlimited, a trustee recruitment specialist says,

“Demand for executives with professional skills to join charity boards has never been higher and executives who become trustees in 2015 will have an opportunity to enhance their professional development, improve their employability and their sense of wellbeing.”

“Charity boards benefit enormously from professional people who bring a broad range of skills and business people who become trustees can gain valuable skills at the same time – it’s a win-win.”

Currently, there are 161,000 registered charities in the UK, with 800,000 staff and over 14 million volunteers and yet an estimated one in five has a trustee vacancy on their boards.

Research[ii] by Trustees Unlimited in November found that 47% of trustees noticed major skills gaps on their boards. These included legal, HR and fundraising as well as social media and marketing and communications.

To encourage more professionals to become trustees, Trustees Unlimited and the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) recently launched a new programme for businesses, called ‘Step on Board’, that will prepare senior executives for trustee roles.  

Step on Board is a comprehensive and tailor-made trustee volunteering programme that connects business leaders with communities. It offers businesses a new approach to professional development and a way to connect with charities in a meaningful and sustainable way. 

Encouraging employees to work with charities is also one of the most effective ways for companies to improve their employee satisfaction and engagement levels.

A bespoke service, Step on Board is tailored to an organisation’s individual corporate responsibility goals or integrated into its existing continuous professional development programme.

The 4-stage programme involves individual coaching as well as interactive workshops to help prospective trustees prepare for the challenges of becoming a trustee, interviews to ensure they find the right role, the recruitment and placement of the individual in trustee positions and ongoing support as they start their trustee journey.

Ian Joseph concludes, ““Being a trustee enhances someone’s employability. It shows they are willing to do something for others – that they are dedicated and committed to a cause and able to juggle their time, as many will be holding down a full-time job. We hope that many more businesses will participate in Step on Board in 2015.”



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About NCVO

NCVO is the umbrella body for the voluntary sector which has a pre-eminent reputation in relation to governance and trusteeship with over 11,000 members.

Inspired by its members, NCVO champions the voluntary sector and volunteering – connecting, representing and supporting voluntary organisations – from the smallest community groups to the largest charities.

About Trustees Unlimited

Established in October 2009, Trustees Unlimited and its sister organisation Non Executives Unlimited are joint venture between NCVOBates Wells  Braithwaite, and Russam GMS to provide a solution to the problem many not for profit organisations face – trying to recruit high quality trustees in a rigorous and yet cost effective way.

Trustees Unlimited has quickly established itself as one of the premier providers of trustee and non executive recruitment.

Whether it is a trustee for a charity, a director for a social enterprise or a volunteer to sit on an audit committee, Trustees Unlimited has unprecedented access to a large group of high calibre people who are actively looking for such roles and offers a unique model of delivery.

With a database and network that is both large and diverse Trustees Unlimited is making a real difference in terms of helping boards become balanced and effective.

Trustees Unlimited and its sister service, Non-Executives Unlimited, are committed to improving governance in the Civil Society Sector and through recruitment, training and mentoring have developed a unique offering that is helping many organisations strengthen their boards.