Free 0300 numbers for UK charities

Dial2Donate offer 0300 numbers and fully integrated telecoms system to all UK charities, free of charge

Providing an easy way for UK charities to fall in line with Ofcom guidelines, Dial2Donate are proud to be able to offer free 0300 numbers for all UK registered charities – including a suite of tools that make managing the telecoms system more straightforward than ever before. Whereas most telecoms companies will charge an initial set-up fee and require ongoing set monthly payments of between £9.99 and upwards of £49.99, this scheme – run in partnership with – allows charitable organisations of any size to potentially save thousands of pounds per year.

Brought in by telecoms regulator Ofcom in order to provide the public sector and charities with their own dedicated number range, Oxfam, Unicef and the RSPCA are among the many charities that have already switched over to an 0300 number – and it is expected that every other major charity in the UK will need to change within the next year.

The package being offered includes IVR functionality, web reporting and management of the number, and free apps for Android and iPhone as well as many more features, all free of charge. This can be simply applied to an already existing telecommunications system, or can simply be re-routed to a phone line – allowing any registered charity a national presence with their phone number.
For the person dialling, the call itself should also be free as 0300 numbers are legally included in all free call packages on both mobile and landline deals – and outside of this, they are only charged in the same way as calls to 01 and 02 numbers are.
Any charity wishing to take out their own 0300 number simply needs to get in touch with Dial2Donate by calling 0330 332 5252, or by filling out the contact form on where further information about the scheme can also be found.
If you would like any further information about this scheme or about Dial2Donate, email