MMBF to offer grants and sponsorships for the ‘future generation’

London: 10 October 2014 – UK Trust MMBF (Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund) which is due to launch on the 27th of October 2014 will provide a ‘new wave of sponsorships’ for future generations. The London based charitable trust will provide opportunities to sponsor and offer grants to applicants worldwide and will run various other support programs throughout the year.

The MMBF is an international fund set up to support young people with an interest to follow a career in the film industry or aspiring pilots. The fund welcomes applications from anywhere in the world and aims to support individuals whose careers are at standstill due to having no resources to move their careers forward. The foundation was formed by Mathetes Chihwai better known by his stage name Matthew C. Martino.

According to the MMBF’s website applicants will be allowed to apply for up to three different grants or sponsorships and although some grants are age restricted the Trustee’s will be open to reviewing applicants from other applicants who feel they qualify for sponsorship.

More information on The MMBF can be accessed via their website – and applications can be made from their website after the 27th October 2014.