Some volunteer stats and struggles

The Bank of England’s Chief Economist, and co-founder of Pro Bono Economics, recently gave a lecture on ‘In giving, how much do we receive? The social value of volunteering’. He reckons that the UK’s 15 million or so volunteers could be giving up to 4.4 billion hours per year, the equivalent of nearly ten per cent of the paid hours worked. The lecture considered several different ways of measuring the value generated from volunteering.

Pro Bono Economics news release has links to the full text (pdf, 912KB) and slides (pdf, 509KB).

A survey run by rural organisations network ACRE found that “England’s 10,000 village halls rely on more than 12 million hours of volunteering each year to deliver their vital role at the heart of rural communities”. However, more than half were struggling to find new recruits to help.

ACRE news item.