Journalism exemption on data protection may apply to charities

Guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office on the operation of a “journalism exemption” to the Data Protection Act accepts that this may also apply to non-media organisations. Charities and campaigning organisations could be exempted from most of the provisions of the legislation when they handle personal information in order to publish certain reports and other materials.

Civil Society Media has a little more explanation at, or download ‘Data protection and journalism: a guide for the media’ (pdf, 807KB).

One thought on “Journalism exemption on data protection may apply to charities

  1. The guidance from the ICO states that “You must reasonably believe publication is in the public interest – and that the public interest justifies the extent of the intrusion into private life”. This applies to all DPA exemption for journalistic, artistic and literary purposes.
    It also comments that some of the activities of “citizen bloggers” and “civil society groups” may be interpreted as journalism.
    The publishing of content through the internet has considerably altered the interpretation of “journalism”.

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