Has saving the world become big business?

A raft of senior civil society activists across the globe have endorsed an open letter which addresses the possibility that “those of us who work in civil society organisations nationally and globally have come to be identified as part of the problem” when it comes to deteriorating human rights and equality.

‘An open letter to our fellow activists across the globe: Building from below and beyond borders’ is at http://blogs.civicus.org/civicus/2014/08/06/an-open-letter-to-our-fellow-activists-across-the-globe-building-from-below-and-beyond-borders/, which suggests some global organising principles which should be adopted.

The Guardian also has ‘NGOs losing the war against poverty and climate change, says Civicus head’ – “Charities are no longer drivers of social change; for many saving the world has become big business. How did we lose our way?” http://www.theguardian.com/global-development-professionals-network/2014/aug/11/civicus-open-letter-civil-society-professionalisation.