Campaigning guidance for NI charities

Northern Ireland’s charity regulator has published ‘Charities and politics: Guidance for charities in Northern Ireland on political purposes, political activity and campaigning’.

The chief executive for Charity Commission NI explained: “Campaigning can be an effective way for a charity to support its charitable purposes, with many charities using political activities to successfully influence public policy.

“It is vital, however, that charities ensure they always act within the law, including remaining independent of party politics and never supporting or favouring one candidate or party for election.”

CCNI news release at, or download the guidance direct (pdf, 323KB) from

Charities thinking of campaigning in the run up to the UK General Elections next year are also referred to the new Electoral Commission guidance¬†(pdf, 267KB) ‘Charities and Campaigning’ (and previously covered here).