Uncertainty for Scottish charities after referendum

Sector consultancy NfpSynergy has researched what MSPs (Members of the Scottish Parliament) and the general public think the impact of a Yes vote in the referendum would have on Scottish charities.

The report is based on surveys of 50 MSPs conducted at the end of last year and 1,000 adults in Scotland in May 2014, and shows a lack of understanding of the impact on independence on the charity sector. Third Force News coverage http://thirdforcenews.org.uk/management/news/public-uncertain-of-implications-for-charities-following-referendum.

Scotland’s two major parties are split over the impact, as analysed in The Guardian’s piece, which has attracted a good number of comments, http://www.theguardian.com/voluntary-sector-network/2014/jul/17/scottish-independence-affect-on-charity-sector

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