Steps to make early action effective

The Early Action Task Force has set out ways in which a future government could free itself from the stranglehold of short-term planning and save money as a result.

The Task Force’s report proposes a new investment strategy, including a ten-year government planning perspective, combined with firm five-year budgets in every spending review. It also advocates:

  • a new budget for early action spending to protect vital social investment from short term “current account” pressures;
  • a £250m Early Action Loan Fund to promote better working across different budgets and agencies to be funded by a new tax on “social polluters” including alcohol, gambling and pay-day lenders;
  • an independent Office for Future Generations to report on the Government’s progress in investing in reducing costs downstream.

See coverage, or see press release from Community Links, which leads the Task Force

Download ‘Towards effective prevention: Practical steps for the next government’ (pdf, 813KB) from