Guidance on new campaigning rules

The Electoral Commission has published its guidance on the new rules for “non-party campaigners” under the Lobbying Act, which come into play from 19th September, available from this web page. There will also be webinars, starting 22nd July – details in their Update number 8, direct link (pdf, 87KB).

The Charity Commission is urging charities to follow connected introductory Electoral Commission guidance, ‘Charities and Campaigning’ (pdf, 267KB), and also refers to its own rules on political campaigning ‘Speaking out – Campaigning and political activity by charities’ (CC9) – see CC news item.

NCVO has an overview on the guidance and possible problems, and Civil Society Media reports of other concerns that it “is not in line with assurances that the normal campaigning activities of charities will not be restricted by the controversial legislation”

Perhaps the weight of material being pushed at charities will also deter campaigning efforts by smaller organisations pressed for time, worried they will be caught out.