Volunteers and insurance, advice, hospices, good practice

A further round-up of items connected with the recent Volunteers Week (previous round-up here):

 A guest post on NCVO’s pages, ‘Is insurance the right way to protect volunteers?‘ takes a look at various top volunteer-related insurance issues.

 Another guest post on NCVO website looks at the research approach behind the report ‘CAB volunteering: how everyone benefits‘. The report, linked from the piece, is based on evidence from nearly 1,500 Citizens Advice Bureau volunteers (direct report link, pdf 361KB).

 The trade union Unite has relaunched its good practice for volunteering guide in partnership with the UK Volunteering Forum. Unite news item or download ‘Good practice in Volunteering in the Community Youth Workers and Not for Profit Sectors’ in pdf, 818KB.

— ‘Volunteering: Vital to our future – How to make the most of volunteering in hospice and palliative care‘, from Help the Hospices and Together for Short Lives,  is in pdf, 3.2MB, via http://www.togetherforshortlives.org.uk/professionals/resources.