Keep Volunteering Voluntary

Many of you will know that the government’s latest mandatory work-for-benefits scheme – ‘Community Work Placements’ – comes into force today, 28th April. This will force long term unemployed people to work without pay for 30 hours a week for up to 26 weeks in “placements that are of benefit to the community”. The DWP and their contractors will be relying heavily on charities, voluntary organisations and community groups to provide the settings for these placements. » Continue reading news item ... “Keep Volunteering Voluntary”

How to register a dot ngo domain name

The ‘sunrise’ period for both the .ngo and .ong domains starts October 2014. Public Interest Registry has a short guide on how to register such domains, but for earliest access you need a registered trademark.


UPDATE: the sunrise period was delayed to March 2015. See dot ngo addresses available to register.

No cart before the horse in measuring impact

From Stanford Social Innovation Review, an article titled ‘Measuring Impact Isn’t for Everyone’ points out that “Collecting data to demonstrate your organization’s impact is great to do when you should, wasteful when you should not”.

The research authors have come up with the acronym CART for principles to use to create strong systems of data collection: Credible, Actionable, Responsible, Transportable.

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Social value strategies, tips and trends

An NCVO article has a slide pack (online view or pdf) ‘Commissioning for Social Value’ which summarises the social value strategies for three councils (Knowsley, Durham and Lambeth). The piece also brings out some common trends and key lessons for charities and government.

‘Top tips on commissioning for social value’