Future of community radio

The government has published a consultation on the future of community radio. It is proposing to relax current financial restrictions, whilst “not altering community radio’s unique role in terms of supporting localness and community engagement”.

Community Media Association news http://www.commedia.org.uk/news/2014/02/dcms-community-radio/ or direct to https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/community-radio-consultation.

Responses by 23rd April.

Researching sector impact across Europe

Originally mentioned a  month or so ago, we now have a direct link for the Europe-wide Third Sector Impact research project, http://siresearch.eu/social-innovation/project/third-sector-impact.

It is a collaborative project involving 14 research institutes, launched in January with a time frame of three years, “to create knowledge that will further advance the contributions that the Third Sector and volunteering can make to the socio-economic development of Europe”. » Continue reading news item ... “Researching sector impact across Europe”

It’s not just about the “nice data”

An article based around sector think-tank NPC’s philosophy that contributing to public knowledge about what works and what doesn’t is an integral part of delivering charitable outcomes, ‘Stand up and be counted’ is at http://www.thinknpc.org/blog/the-case-for-transparency/.

It observes that it is rare for charity impact reports to be anything other than full of nice data and good stories, but acknowledges that some time lapse may be needed to address failures before they are reported.

New look for Scottish sector news

Third Force News, the sector news source for Scotland run by SCVO, has had a complete website revamp. News is now divided into sections, such as ‘Management’ or ‘Social Justice and poverty’, and generally works well.

The site does appear to require cookies to function, and it is a shame there isn’t a way of browsing news more generally (the ‘full site’ RSS feed links weren’t working to start with, too, but now do). » Continue reading news item ... “New look for Scottish sector news”