Not everyone gets to see Africa

Tomorrow Henshaws Society for Blind People’s Chief Executive, Nick Marr and his wife, Claire will be taking on a trip of a lifetime to Africa as part of an initiative called ‘Not everyone gets to see Africa’. They hope to raise awareness of Henshaws work and to raise funds to support people affected by visual impairments and other disabilities.

‘Not everyone gets to see Africa’ is an initiative to share their experiences as they travel through Africa for four months, with those who have a visual impairment and others who may never get to see Africa.  They will use modern technology at the core of the project to allow Henshaws service users and supporters to get a regular update on their progress and what they see.

Their 11,000 mile trip will start from Manchester on Thursday 16th January 2014 when they fly to Alexandria, Egypt and finish in Cape Town, South Africa in May. The journey will take four months and will be narrated by them, creating an audio blog on Soundcloud, as well as a written blog. Their aim is to not only update people on the progress of their trip, but also give those that have a visual impairment a taste of what can be seen in Africa.

Their 16-year-old Toyota Land Cruiser has been specially prepared for the challenges ahead, including the fitting of a safari roof tent, cooker and fridge so that they will be able to travel independently and sleep on the roof of the vehicle.

Following the Nile south, they will move through the deserts of Sudan into the highlands of Ethiopia. In Kenya and Tanzania they will travel through a number of big game reserves before moving into Malawi and Zambia. Revisiting one of their favourite places Botswana, they will then head west through the Namibian desert to the Skeleton Coast and finally head south to Cape Town in South Africa.

Their initiative is being supported by the Ted Simon Foundation, a not for profit organisation, which supports travellers, called ‘Jupiter’s Travellers’, offering them advice and contacts and they also help tell each traveller’s story of their trip to help them reach a wider audience. The Ted Simon Foundation is currently supporting a total of 88 ‘Jupiter’s Travellers’ from 15 countries, including Nick and Claire’s trip.

Nick is taking an unpaid sabbatical from his post at Henshaws and Claire is taking time out from her work as an author, journalist and magazine editor. They are covering all expedition costs personally and all funds raised will go directly to delivering the work of Henshaws.

If you would like to donate to their initiative and raise funds for Henshaws please go to:

Follow the trip on their blog: and also on Twitter: @Marr2014 to listen to their audio blog follow them on Soundcloud: ClaireG99