Examining the evidence around Gift Aid

The National Audit Office recently (21st November) issued its report ‘Gift Aid and reliefs on donations’, which has attracted headlines around the loss of government tax receipts due to abuse of these charity concessions.

NAO itself leads with “HMRC and the Treasury do not know if incentives designed to increase charitable giving, at a cost to the taxpayer of £940 million in 2012-13, have resulted in more income for charities.” » Continue reading news item ... “Examining the evidence around Gift Aid”

Questions and thoughts about digital activism

The Chief Executive of the Nominet Trust writes about digital activism in ‘Talking about a revolution’ on the Locality discussion pages. She reckons there are two ways of looking at how digital technology impacts activism: scale change and model change.

At this early stage, there is still a lot to learn and many questions still to be answered, some of which are here, http://locality.org.uk/blog/talking-revolution/.

Social capital, voluntary activity and deprivation

A new study from Third Sector Research Centre uses data from the 2005 and 2007 Citizenship Surveys to map broad differences in levels of volunteering and social capital between ninety different types of place in England. There is a “positive association . . . between the level of formal volunteering and informal volunteering and the level of social capital”.

TSRC page includes link to Working Paper ‘Patterns of social capital, voluntary activity and area deprivation in England’ (pdf, 244KB).