Lobbying legislation moves from Commons to House of Lords

The ‘Transparency of lobbying, third party campaigning and trade union administration bill’ has now finished its journey through the House of Commons and has started the House of Lords process. The second reading there is scheduled for 22nd October.

Civil Society Media report on the final debate in the Commons, http://www.civilsociety.co.uk/governance/news/content/16215/. Third Force News on Scottish angle, WCVA on Welsh http://www.wcva.org.uk/about-us/news/2013/10/lobbying-bill-moves-to-lords, England’s NCVO. The short version is that the changes so far are welcome but inadequate, and amendments are still required to ensure that charity campaigning isn’t restricted.

Meanwhile ACEVO’s chief executive replied with ‘Lobbying: now is the chance for a real public debate‘ – the Civil Society Commission is to “hold the public debate, in the next few weeks, that has so far been denied”.