Development on the lobbying legislative proposals

There have been quite a lot happening on the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill since last week. No apologies for this fourth news item on the subject, as the potential impact on voluntary organisations remains large.

NCVO has an article dated Tuesday (10th Sept) ‘An important step but still a long way to go’ which says: Following a meeting between our chief executive and the Leader of the House of Commons Andrew Lansley, the government has committed to change the definition of the term “for electoral purposes”. Read the rest at, which links to a briefing for anyone who wants to understand the issues further, pdf 264KB. Meanwhile, Civil Society Media reports that clauses which worried charities, namely definitions on what spending should count under the campaigning heading in the run up to an election, were passed in the House of Commons on Tuesday (10th Sept),

Written last week but still largely applicable, from The Guardian’s Voluntary Sector Network ‘Why charities should be worried about the lobbying bill, and Civil Society Media updates some of that with ‘Government agrees changes to lobbying bill, but charities say more needs to be done’

Official documents: on the Parliament website, a pdf 3MB, of the written evidence submitted by various organisations and individuals, and the government’s announcement on the amendments to the Transparency Bill after a meeting with the National Council for Voluntary Organisations.

UPDATE: Article in The Guardian, 13th September, from NCVO policy analyst.