Volunteering numbers, barriers and youngsters

Latest figures from the Community Life survey, published in July, show a high level of volunteering in England and an increase from the previous year. The Head of the Institute for Volunteering Research at NCVO looks at the figures and argues that ‘Quality is just as important as quantity in volunteering‘. The survey data can be explored at http://communitylife.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/explore-the-data.html.

On NCVO discussion pages, ‘Unnecessary DBS checks: a barrier to volunteering‘ covers issues around inappropriate blanket criminal record checking of volunteers.

Third Sector Research Centre explores what factors make young people more likely to volunteer, based on data for 4,760 young people aged between 10 and 15. Young people with high levels of cultural capital are more likely to volunteer, as are those with parents who volunteer. TSRC news item gives some more headline facts, with links to a podcast and blog, or get the Briefing ‘What factors predict volunteering among youths in the UK?’ (pdf, 262KB) via http://www.tsrc.ac.uk/LinkClick.aspx?link=1020&tabid=1021.