Commons committee attacks public benefit test

The House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee has issued its report (6th June) on post-legislative scrutiny of the Charities Act 2006, ‘The role of the Charity Commission and “public benefit”‘.

Web version, also in pdf 2.26MB. Civil Society Media overview, its piece on sector reactions and further links, NCVO’s two minute guide.

The headlines have largely revolved around the suggestion that the public benefit provisions are “critically flawed” and should be repealed, which has provoked strong reaction in the sector. A Labour member of the Public Administration Select Committee says he “profoundly disagrees” with it, while Charity Finance editor and previous Commission chief Andrew Hind also takes issue with the conclusion on the public benefit test,

Charity Commission response, Charity Finance Group’s reaction, New Philanthropy Capital asks ‘Is public benefit a can of worms?‘.