Mobile marketing for charities

Mobile penetration is increasing and so are mobile marketing opportunities.

This post is about what mobile marketing is and how to get started with it. Largely untapped by charities, mobile presents new ways to fundraise, campaign, run events and much more.

Is mobile marketing a part of your digital strategy? If not, you’re likely missing out on opportunities to engage your audience and raise funds. » Continue reading news item ... “Mobile marketing for charities”

Update on Disclosure and Barring

Sandy Adirondack has done a general update on her ‘Legal Update’ web pages on Disclosure and Barring Service checks (previously known as criminal record checks), This includes the distinction between being eligible for checks and being required to carry them out.

She also references the Volunteering England information sheet on DBS checks as giving the clearest information (so far) about eligibility, available at » Continue reading news item ... “Update on Disclosure and Barring”

Protecting charities from abuse by extremists

The Charity Commission has published guidance to help trustees prevent their charity being used to promote extremist views or terrorist ideology. This is the latest chapter of online toolkit ‘Protecting Charities from Harm’ that helps trustees manage risks.

The Commission will shortly launch a series of events for students unions and universities to discuss issues raised by the new guidance.

See Commission news release » Continue reading news item ... “Protecting charities from abuse by extremists”

New charity annual return

A new annual return form for 2013 has been released by the Charity Commission (England and Wales).

While largely the same as before, there are new questions on whether the charity is registered for Gift Aid, whether it owns or leases any land or buildings, and whether these are used for the charity’s purposes. Previously voluntary questions on overseas activities and the number of volunteers become mandatory. » Continue reading news item ... “New charity annual return”