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About the Newsletter

VoluntaryNews, part of VolResource, has a connected weekly email newsletter rounding up current news and information with a practical focus. We aim to help you:

  • keep on top of relevant regulations, admin matters;
  • be up-to-date with news around management issues, sector developments, government initiatives and policy, and other practical items;
  • find useful new and updated resources on the web;
  • put events in your diary or apply for selected vacancies;
  • with issues relevant to any sector organisation, particularly small or medium size.

Most items will also appear on this website, and may get updated here too. The newsletter is a convenient way to get a regular bulletin of the most useful material online, direct to your inbox.

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User Reviews

Some comments from newsletter readers:

  • VolResource is by far the best newsletter we get here in the office, everything else seems bloated by comparison. (Aug’14)
  • I’ve mentioned it before but will say it again. Out of all the email bulletins available this is one of the most comprehensive ones and really useful. (Apr’14, subscribing since July’09)
  • I have found VolResource newsletter really useful in my roles (Apr’14, subscribing since Nov’11).
  • Thank you for your hard work. I have found your newsletter really useful. (On leaving job, Mar’14)
  • I want you to know that this has, without exception, been the MOST useful newsletter I have ever been subscribed to. Thank you for all your work in producing it; so much heavy-hitting content and no filler. (On moving to a new role, Feb’14)
  • I would just like to say how much I enjoy reading your newsletter. Working within the voluntary sector, I find it full of relevant information, well laid out and easy to read – a great source of reference. Keep up the good work! (Nov’13)
  • Just a short note to thank you for your Voluntary Resource newsletter, which I find very, very useful indeed. The logical layout means I can identify quickly areas of interest for our group. (Sep’13)

More details

Free to those active in voluntary organisations in the UK, whether a worker, manager, trustee or volunteer. Content varies from week to week to reflect current issues. Please note, funding opportunities, while featured from time to time, are not a core area.

Timing – usually sent Thursdays. The frequency may be reduced during quiet periods of the year (late December, mid-summer).

The capacity to mail out to consultants, commercial businesses etc. is limited (as of December 2015), and is at the editor’s discretion. To ensure staying on the list, there is a charge of £30 per year.

Voluntary organisations which regularly re-use material from the newsletter, electronically or in print, are asked to take out a licence, at £25 a year (local/regional organisation) or £45 national. If you want to re-use the whole, or most, of the newsletter, please contact us to discuss.

NOTE: We don’t usually accept subscriptions from those based outside the UK or Ireland. Please send a covering message with good reasons if this applies to you.

How to pay

Please use the general contact form to request a re-use licence or paid sub. We’ll send an invoice to the email address provided (this also acts as the licence).

This income is a key part of keeping the service going.

All contributions are welcome – there is a donations button on the VolResource website.

Spam and internet issues

For those using email whitelisting (giving specific permission to email sources), newsletters are sent from and the mailserver address is Note: SPF is active.


Although we check all information before we add it to the newsletter, as ever with these things we can give no warranties as to accuracy or relevance and encourage active checking before you make any decisions. We endeavour to give web links to the original or key source.

Terms and Conditions

We may amend this policy from time to time.

Use of Newsletter Material

  • We are happy for anyone to do occasional forwarding of the newsletter in its entirety, to anyone.
  • Those who want to receive the newsletter regularly should sign up on the mailing list. More numbers means its easier to attract advertisers and contributors.
  • Voluntary organisations are free to re-use the newsletter electronically whole or in parts, but we ask those who do this regularly (or in print form) to take out a licence – details above. Please include a note along the lines of ‘sourced from VolResource email newsletter, see’ alongside any re-used material.
  • Commercial organisations, consultants etc. should contact us if they want to reproduce material or circulate the newsletter.

If your intended use of the newsletter doesn’t fit with those described, or if in any doubt, please contact us. It shouldn’t take long to clarify.

User information and abuse

We reserve the right, before or after adding you to the newsletter list, to ask for further information and to decline to provide the service (or stop providing it later) where we feel this may be/is being abused. We may remove commercial bodies, consultants etc. purely due to capacity limits.

Email addresses which cause newsletter mailings to ‘bounce’ may be deleted without further notice or refund. Unless this happens on sign up, it will usually take several bounces for an address to be de-activated at this end. Please unsubscribe if the newsletter is no longer required e.g. because someone has moved on.

The only use we make of your details is in connection with managing and developing the newsletter – we do not send spam or sell or otherwise pass on the data to other parties.

Your views and additions are welcome